DOs AND DON’Ts while in GYM

The thing about being in a gym is, you sweat a lot and you train a lot. While it is not vital to spray deodorant on your body after a while, but it is good manners if you do. Similarly, there are some things you should do, must do and there are some things you […]

CRASH DIETING: Pros and Cons

All of us follow a diet. Not strictly beans or salads, but everyday food we eat is also a diet we take. A take-away meal with a large glass of chocolate milkshake is still a diet. If you have very followed fitness or picked up a magazine and read about dieting, you already know how […]

CARDIO: The Absolute Necessity Nowadays

If you want to know what an aching body feels like, ask your friends who torment the uncomfortable office chair for 8-9 hours a day. Sore muscles and an exhausted internal system are the worst possible enemies for a normal human being. Not being able to do everyday things just because your health and habits […]

The Alternatives For Leg Exercises

There’s no way that you haven’t heard about ‘leg day’ if you have been around people who go to gym or follow fitness in any form or manner. The most infamous workout is of legs. People have a hard time standing up perfectly after a good and sweaty leg day. Skipping it will not only […]