It doesn’t matter how much you bench or how many miles you can run in a single stretch unless you are not eating healthy. Eating healthy is just as important as burning your fat away and training hard in the gym. Diet is a crucial aspect of fitness and can’t be ignored at any cost.

H&D Gym doesn’t just provide you the podium to train yourself and make your body goals a reflection of yourself in the mirror; it also does justice to your internal fitness. Food that makes your immunity and internal systems stronger and diet plans that let you stick to them until you’ve got the results you wanted; all of them are housed in H&D’s Cafeteria.

Benefits of eating healthy:

· Controls weight: Of course… the core reason why most of the people join any gym Some people confuse dieting with eating healthy, and that’s completely wrong. Eating healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself to achieve weight reduction, it means eating healthy and preaching a balanced diet to gain energy and get rid of the excessive body fat.

· Improves mood: Frankly, it would be unethical to stay upset with a fit body. Being a sloth with an unfit body would justify your bad mood but being healthy and fit and still being in a foul mood are two things from different leagues. A healthy body is directly proportional to a better mood and it has been proven by numerous studies and researches.

· Combats diseases: We don’t see how being healthy can invite diseases in any way, form or manner. And the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat healthy. No matter how we or anyone around you explains the importance of a healthy meal, it will always be undersold.

· Boosts energy: The energy you get after a healthy diet is unmatched and if we are being honest, it’s profound. Junk food can only give you taste, not to mention that too for a brief period of time. A healthy diet will give you the joy of freshness and energy that will benefit both your daily chores and your body organs.