CRASH DIETING: Pros and Cons

All of us follow a diet. Not strictly beans or salads, but everyday food we eat is also a diet we take. A take-away meal with a large glass of chocolate milkshake is still a diet.

If you have very followed fitness or picked up a magazine and read about dieting, you already know how hard it is. But, here is the newsflash, there’s a new diet plan in the atmosphere every now and then. People tend to like speedy results, hence a special diet has been made for those people and it seems like it is working wonders with everyone.
The name goes as CRASH DIET, which obviously means rapidly losing weight by limiting the intake of calories and hoping to get a toned body in no time. We hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as quick toning, only starvation will result in lack of energy and the infamous damages it does to your body. Some of the most popular crash diets are- The cabbage soup diet, three-day diet, Grapefruit diet, the protein diet, Chicken soup diet,Detox diet, Water fast diet and Fresh juice crash diet.
To discuss its pros and cons further, we have listed them below …

Pros of Crash Diet:

• It reduces weight in a very short time period. The result it gives is amazing due to the shedding of pounds of weight within 7-8 days.
• Affordable and accessible. It requires less food and most of those items are easily available in a normal market.
• The diet quickly starts reducing calorie consumption and aids the body organs to consume the already present fat inside the body for functions. A better shape is provided by this diet to people who are obese or overweight.
• The diets are designed for a short span of time i.e. for one or two weeks. Following it for a prolonged period is not vital and you can quit this diet once you feel you have got the results you needed. No harm, no foul.
• This diet serves as a good step for some medical complications which require limited intake of calorie and balanced diets.

Cons of Crash Diet:

• As mentioned above, Crash diet is a diet where the intake of calories is very low and this may result in starvation and other weaknesses. Feeling hungry most of the times will distract you from your day to day tasks.
• Tiredness and sleepy eyes will always be there. The hungry feeling will endorse your active muscles to slow down the process, eventually resulting in you being tired and sleepy.
• If you lead crash dieting to an extreme extent, it may cause Anorexia, malnutrition and metabolic disorders.
• This diet is very hard to adapt and follow as most of the food items are omitted from the diet which makes it hard to maintain.
• Right after you have followed crash diet, there is a tendency of weight gain as the diet causes starvation which forces you to eat heavy as soon as the diet is over. This results in weight gain rather than weight loss, making the diet and your suffrage a total waste of time and efforts.
• Crash diet is deprived of all the necessary nutrients, in simpler words; it’s not a balanced diet. This results in malnutrition or deficiency of nutrients in the body.
• Ketosis, serum uric acid and gallstone may occur if this diet is followed strictly. To be even more daunting, gallstone’s size has a direct relation with the amount and duration of weight loss.
• This is a short term yet effective solution of weight loss but when the weight is gained back after a year or so, it sometimes gets back even more than the previous weight.
• Crash Diet loses body mass instead of the fat from the body.

It is now fair to say the crash diet eventually results in socialization as it is difficult to follow strict crash diets when surrounded by people or in a party. Most of the times, it is problematic to stick with this hard diet as it starts to form monotonous feelings.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to lose weight, but choosing to totally restrict you from eating certain things is probably not a good idea. Restricting your diet creates deficiency of nutrients which will ultimately result in a damaged body and an unstable mental health.

Crash diets are only good for people who want to lose the weight immediately and, but it is not for a prolonged period of time as your body might not be able to take the toll of little intake of calories. Going extreme while crash dieting is obviously harmful, we suggest you to have a balanced diet and workout heavy to get that perfect shape and lose weight.

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