DOs AND DON’Ts while in GYM

The thing about being in a gym is, you sweat a lot and you train a lot. While it is not vital to spray deodorant on your body after a while, but it is good manners if you do.
Similarly, there are some things you should do, must do and there are some things you shouldn’t do … at all.
Here are some gentle tips to let you know what you should do, and what you should steer clear of.


• Dressing up appropriately is the best idea. Leaving the tattered and torn clothes with dirt or stains home is probably the way to go. Most people prefer not to be distracted by too much skin or extremely tight workout clothes.
• Wear deodorant, but remember to skip perfume and after-shave lotion. Smelling bad because of the sweat is bad but smelling over-fragrant is even worse.
• Do share equipment. Just stretching your sets while others wait is not a credible way to workout. Pause your sets after each rep and let others use the equipment too while you rest.
• Share the water fountain. If you see someone behind you in the line to fill water in his/her water bottle, let them use the fountain first before you start filling your bottle. It makes them respect you and builds a strong bond unknowingly.
• Place your weights back on the stand after you have finished your set. It is thoughtful and safer, saving someone from falling because of them or bumping into them.
• Keep your sweat to yourself; wipe the equipment after you use them. This is safe as well, as your sweat can make it slippery and can invite an injury for someone else.
• If you are sick, do stay at home, it is actually very inconsiderate to show up at your gym and sweat your germs out for other people.
• Consider other’s space in your gym. Leaving your stuff or mat around in someone’s space is both ill-mannered and rude.
• Try to share benches in the locker room. Do leave a little space for others to place their belongings on the bench.
• Take a quick shower if you see people waiting behind you for doing the same. Just remember how you would feel if someone else had taken up the bathroom for quite a while and you are in the line.


• Most gyms are ‘no cell phone-zones’ and people don’t seem to take the sign seriously. Don’t talk on your cell phone while working out or on the gym floor.
• Making loud noises is a tremendously bad idea. Don’t grunt unless you have more than a dozen people cheering for you to finish that last and monster set. Also, don’t put down equipment aggressively.
• The worst thing you can do is spit in the water fountain. It’s unhygienic and very disturbing.
• Don’t interrupt your sessions by leaving early or talking in between them. If you actually want to leave early or your arrival is going to be late, inform your trainer earlier.
• Don’t get too close. If the machines are side by side, try to steer clear of the machine right next to a person. This will not only give you a better workout, but will also aid your gym-mate to have a better session.
• When on the gym floor, don’t carry your gym bag or personal belongings with you. It takes up space and acts as a hazard for people around you.
• Don’t offer uninvited advice unless you are a personal trainer. If people ask you, then only you should tell them how to use the equipment or do a certain exercise.
• The locker room is not your personal bathroom, so don’t treat it like one. Pick up the mess you’ve created and use the bins to throw away your waste and garbage.
• This is kind of obvious, but here it goes again. Don’t talk loudly or carry a long conversation with a buddy in the sauna. Relax while you are at it, your conversations can wait.
• Staring isn’t polite, unless you are on a date. So, don’t stare. People feel uncomfortable when someone is staring at them, plus, its stops your workout somewhat as well. Stop staring, focus on your workout, and make gym a better place for you and everyone else.

Above were some of the things you should do and some things you must never do for the sake of people around you and yourself. Unless the gym is your personal one, you should steer clear of the things listed above, they are annoying and disrespecting. Having a great workout is a matter of choice, most people seem to make the right decision but some decide to go the other way and make others uncomfortable.
Have a great workout session and make your gym a better place for everyone.

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