Indoor/Outdoor Events

State-of-the-art equipment, Professional trainers, Top-notch supplements and a Cafeteria that fulfills all your health and internal building needs … can this get any better? Well, it just did.

A pretty agreeable game of Snooker is a great way to take the load off your muscles and improve your aiming and focusing prowess, not to mention the in-game challenges pursue to prove superiority. And for members not so keen for a bar game in the gym and with more of a sporty vibe in veins, Table Tennis is a pretty great idea. Not to brag, but H&D Gym is capable of hosting a friendly (or challenging) Ping Pong match for its members. How’s that for an all-around fitness center?

Facilities at H&D: 
1. Top-notch equipment and methods to help you get the body you want and you deserve.

2. Remarkable and Professional trainers to boost your willpower and give you the right guidance for a fitter and better tomorrow.

3. Healthy Cafeteria to impress your gut and help you strengthen up from the inside as well.

4. Supplements that are checked and verified from our trainers to boost up your energy and strength. Building a better immune system and prohibiting the viruses and bacteria to multiply is just another benefit of taking supplements.

5. YOGA, Aerobics, Zumba and more exercises for all around fitness and a dab of fun into your routine. Our professional trainers are well qualified and experienced which should leave you rest assured that your fitness will be taken care of very well.

6. Snooker and Table Tennis for all the sports freaks who require a bit of challenge outside the workout space as well. Well-equipped and maintained space for your sporty needs is now housed inside H&D Gym, which is just another feather in our hat.