The Alternatives For Leg Exercises

There’s no way that you haven’t heard about ‘leg day’ if you have been around people who go to gym or follow fitness in any form or manner. The most infamous workout is of legs. People have a hard time standing up perfectly after a good and sweaty leg day. Skipping it will not only damage your legs but also make you look no-so-good.

It doesn’t matter how much strictness was practiced when it considered your diet, and no matter how much liters of sweat you have released while working out, neglecting your lower body will result in an unbalanced and irregular body shape. No one wants that.

It’s okay if you are not up for doing squats, leg press or deadlifts for every leg day. Instead, you must want to do something significantly easy and different than juts hearing the metal clink. You can do these varied and better steps to reach your goals and have that perfect physique.


These lunges follow the same pattern of standard lunges, only instead of stepping back to the starting position with your front leg, following each rep; you’ll come forward with your rear leg. This makes you “Walk” forward ahead while doing the exercise.

Doing the lunges in this order puts extra effort on the quad muscle of the leading leg and rapid and continuous reps will make you exhaust quickly. For extra resistance and faster results, weights can be added.

Dumbbell step ups

Dumbbell step ups are a great way to maximize tension on one leg at a time, which is of course; assuming they are done properly. To up the intensity add dumbbells in each hand of equal weight and won’t make you feel that you are stuck on a basic rookie level.

The perfect and proper way to do a step up is to place one leg on the bench, stair or box of about the height up to your knee — and then stepping up onto it using nothing but muscles of the front leg to give you that jumpy lift.

Just to make sure that you are isolating the leading leg properly, step close to the platform or stair before executing the exercise, keep the toes of your other leg slightly up. This will seize you from depending on momentum or turning the workout into a calf-only training session for your rear leg. Keep alternating your legs after every rep.

Elliptical HIIT

The elliptical machine is a more conventional cardio machines, than the treadmill and stationary bike. Elliptical training utilizes the legs in a treading motion, along with the arms used to work handles back and forth.

This machine is ideal for doing HIIT and it promotes muscle growth which means this form of cardio can definitely help you pack mass onto your legs.

Jump lunges HIIT

Another HIIT workout, Jump lunges are designed to work your quads and supporting muscles in a very short time span. This exercise is performed exactly like a standard lunge, but instead of standing in the normal fashion, jump upwards and switch your legs around into a scissor motion.
Do this exercise, alternating between legs quickly … do this till you are exhausted to feel the burn and get better results.

Stair climber machine (to finish a workout)

It can’t get any more obvious by its name. Stair climber machines are gym equipment that imitates the motion of climbing up a set of stairs. This workout using the stair will impact every muscle in your body and will give a better definition to it.
Keep taking higher or wider steps which will improve your strength and build tissues at higher speeds. Pressing up off the ball of your foot will engross the calves.

Following these steps and methods, you can not only replace leg days with better alternatives, but also get better results suffering from less wear and tear.

The motive to practice these exercises is to increase the durability of your legs and let you have that perfect shaped body supported by strong legs. That’s the main point of doing legs in the first place, to have proper support and a better shape. But, most people ignore leg days just because it’s too much work and the walk home after a rigorous leg session is pretty tough and if we are being honest, sometimes embarrassing.

The above exercises are crucial and better than lifting metal with your calves and thighs. Plus, the cardiovascular muscles also get worked up when you do the above mentioned workouts as they tend to have a toll on your body and not just your legs.

Doing these 2 times a week will maintain the posture of your body and the strength it will provide to your limbs will be authentic and long-lasting.

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